Clean Water is for Everyone

The most convenient water treatment system in the world!

  • Latest in U.S. technology
  • Removes odors, sludge and algae
  • Recycles wastewater for irrigation and reuse
  • Bioreactor and Aeration in one
  • Advanced Bio Remediation
  • BioSafety Level 1 from the US EPA
  • Eats sludge fast and uses on 2 HP
  • Can be retrofitted to any STP or WTP system
  • Reduces cost for wastewater maintenance
  • Low carbon footprint, Low OPEX
  • Cut electric bills by 75% over other technologies
  • Flexible. Easily movable.
  • Easy Assembly on site in 2 hours
  • US Exim Bank Financing Available
  • Can recycle wastewater for irrigation and reuse
  • Used by Upscale Industrial Clients and Major Malls

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