Clean Water is for Everyone



1. Aerogrid is made of injection molded HDPE plastic and comes with 66 feet of Aerotube aeration tubing attached using stainless steel clamps. The size of this grid is 1m x 1.2m.

Aeration Tubing Technical Specifications:

Air Flow Requirements Per Grid *One BioCLeaner has 3 Grids
m³/second 0.01
m³/min 0.74
m³/hour 44.83
l/second 12.46
l/min 744.99
l/hour 44804.7
Ft³/min (CFM) 26.4
Oxygen Transfer
Kg O2 per Hour 1.21
Technical information for the aerotubing
Outside Diameter 2.54 cm
Inside Diameter 1.27 cm
Wall Thickness 0.635 cm
Optimal Flow 2.2m³/hr.m or 0.4 cfm
Operation Preassure 7kpa or 1PSI

2. SeederTube are microbial bioreactors made of perforated stainless steel cylinders. They are 10 feet in length and 4 inches in diameter. These SeederTube are filled with a media made of ceramic material. Aeration diffusers are also located through the entire length of the SeederTube to provide oxygen to the microbes with a 55 watt Air Blower.

3. Fiber glass angle bars are used in framing, each of which are 2inch x 2inch x 3mm in size. They are light weight and heavy duty bars that can be submerged in to almost any contaminant water.

4. Polyethylene (PE) plastic walls cover about ¾ of the lift, comprised of four sheets that are 3.28ft x 2ft x 2mm each. These provides water direction and suction.

5. Floaters provide buoyancy to the Biocleaner, making it mobile and require less use of power.

6. The Air Blower is a single phase motor, that uses 1.75kW of power. This motor will transport 240m³ air/hr. Approximately 3.65 kg O2/hr are transferred to the surrounding water.

DOs and DON’Ts for Maximum Efficiency:

  • Ring blowers should be operational 24/7;
  • Do not throw any chemicals into the waste stream. (Chlorine, etc.);
  • Do not reassemble the BioCleaner unit;
  • Check for loose hoses regularly;
  • Make sure that BioCleaner units face only one direction to maximize flow;
  • Check Aerogrid and Bioplug status every three (3) years;
  • Make sure there is ample space between the BioCleaner unit and the waste water pond walls.